The Renaissance Gardens Tour: Palazzo Farnese and more

The Renaissance Gardens Tour: Palazzo Farnese and more
08.45 AM
8,00 hours


Full day tour with pick up/drop off from Civitavecchia Port. Visit and discover the best Gardens and Palaces of the Renaissance period: Farnese Palace at Caprarola, one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture in Italy; “Villa Lante” at Bagnaia and “the Monsters park” at Bomarzo! One day completely immersed in the most beautiful historic buildings and gardens of Italy. Do not miss the famous “Royal Stairs” and the horrible sculptures and discover much more with us.

The Farnese Palace is situated directly above the town of Caprarola, dominating its surroundings. Caprarola has always been an expression of Farnese’s power and the palace is one of the finest examples of Renaissance architecture. You will be able to walk the spiral staircase called Scala Regia or the “Royal Stairs” and see the Piano dei Prelati floor, which leads to the broad terrace. You can witness the amazing frescoes of the winter suite, the famous “Room of the World Map” or “Sala del Mappamondo”, displaying the world as it was in 1574 when the frescoes were completed. Gaze at the depiction of the continents on one side of the wall while the wall opposite the planisphere is devoted to the lands where Christianity and the church originated, Judea and Italy. After transfer to Bagnaia to visit the beautiful gardens of Villa Lante

Villa Lante is one of the greatest masterpieces of the Italian sixteenth century (22 hectares). Its extraordinary peculiarity is the predominance of the garden compared to the architectural building: the residence splits into two small twin buildings symmetrical with respect to the central axis of the garden that dominates the entire composition across the water path. The water comes from a triumph of geometries designed by evergreen hedges and peperino statues and follows a path that creates special basins and water games. After that fast light lunch in Bagnaia and transfer to Bomarzo at the Monster Park with its beautiful and amazing stone -sculptures. At the end transfer to Civitavecchia and dropo off at the Terminal Cruise shuttle bus.


pick up/drop off from meeting point
Round-trip shared transfer
ticket entrance fee Palazzo Farnese
ticket entrance fee Villa Lante
ticket entrance fee Monsters Park

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